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Civil Law

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil law is the non-criminal branch of the law. In comparison to criminal law, civil law is related to civil wrongs and involves a legal dispute between two or more parties. Rather than resulting in criminal punishment, the purpose of civil litigation is to obtain compensation for wrongdoings (torts). The result is typically monetary damages, punitive damages, or specific performance.

Stephen G. Price, Civil Litigator

At Stephen G. Price Law Corporation, we offer civil law services in Langley and Surrey. As an experienced litigator, Stephen has handled a wide variety of cases involving all aspects of civil law. Stephen G. Price can offer Langley legal services in these areas of civil law:

Construction claims, insurance claims, personal injury, property damage, motor vehicle accidents, employee discrimination, defamation, debtor or creditor remedies, estate litigation, negligence claims, products liability, contract disputes, occupational health and safety, landlord/tenant claims, intellectual property, environmental law, and medical malpractice.

Civil Law Consultant & Counsel

If you find yourself in need of support regarding civil law in Langley or Surrey, Stephen G. Price is here to help you with your case. Our services include legal consultations, in which we will provide you with the necessary knowledge for making an informed and confident decision about your legal action. We will also provide assistance and suggestions from a legal standpoint, considering all the factors of your situation.

Many civil cases are settled before going to trial. Trials are typically time-consuming and costly for all parties involved. Stephen G. Price can help get your case settled outside of court by using the processes of negotiation, mediation, or arbitration to help the parties in coming to a reasonable resolution.

Methods of Dispute Resolution

Negotiation – This legal option allows for an open give-and-take discussion or conference between the parties in the civil case. During the negotiation, the two parties will attempt to reach an agreement or settle the dispute with a result that satisfies both or all parties. Negotiation is voluntary – the parties are free to accept or reject the non-binding outcome of the negotiation and withdraw from the process at any time. Parties can choose to represent themselves or send a representative to negotiate on their behalf.

Mediation – The neutral, third party mediator assists the parties of the dispute in coming to a non-binding compromise or settlement. The mediator’s duty is to listen to the evidence, find points of agreement, and facilitate the conclusion of a fair result. The mediator does not reach the decision for the parties, but simply assists in the parties reaching their own decision. In some cases, mediation does not reach a settlement, but in others, it is a cost-effective, flexible, and informal way to reach an agreement and avoid litigation.

Arbitration – This is a well-established and widely used method for ending disputes. Parties who enter arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution agree to be bound by the arbitration decision, which is decided by the unbiased, third party arbitrator. The parties have the opportunity to be heard by the arbitrator outside of court and will comply with the final binding outcome, whether the arbitration was voluntary or required. In most cases, parties are able to control the timing and location of the hearing and to choose the arbitrator for the procedure.

If your case moves to trial, Stephen G. Price can remain by your side as counsel and see to it that you get the fair settlement that you deserve. It is our duty to act as an advocate for your best interests, and we will fight to protect your rights in your Langley civil law case.

Looking for a specialist of civil law in Surrey or Langley? Stephen G. Price is the attorney you want for legal support during your civil dispute. Contact us online or call today at (604) 530-2191 for a free consultation.

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