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Family Law

Family law matters are often challenging and complicated, so it’s important to have a family lawyer who can respectfully listen, understand, and facilitate thoughts and discussion between the parties involved. At Stephen G. Price Law Corporation, we treat our clients with nothing but respect during family law disputes. As your Langley family lawyer, Stephen understands that it can be a difficult time for those involved. We are by your side to ensure your rights are protected and enforced during this process.

Stephen G. Price is experienced in various aspects of family law, including custody access disputes, asset division, restraining orders, spousal and child support, separation agreements, and common law relationships. Following a divorce or separation, your Surrey family lawyer, Stephen G. Price, may perform the family law services discussed below.

Custody Disputes

Who gets custody of your child or children once the marriage ends? Child custody can sometimes turn into a complex dispute, but Stephen G. Price is committed to making the process as smooth as it can be. We work hard to ensure that your parental rights will not be infringed upon, violated, or ignored. It’s important that you completely understand your rights as a parent and we will advocate for the outcome that you desire. We will fight to ensure that your custody agreements are enforced and that your rights are protected. It’s also important to us that we protect and preserve your child’s well-being, security, and safety during this sensitive time. With our help, you will be able to lay out a plan for parenting time, child movement, or other parenting arrangements that will maintain the meaningful relationship between you and your child/children.

Asset/Property/Debt Division

Dividing the assets between parties requires excellent attention to detail, patience, and experience. Stephen G. Price has the knowledge and expertise to handle your asset division while meeting all legal obligations and satisfying all the parties involved. We will assist you in navigating complex financial matters such as assessing capital gains, pension entitlements, income tax implications, spousal contributions, and more. Trust that we can help in sustaining your financial well-being for the future.

Restraining Orders

If you have been attacked or threatened, Stephen G. Price is the Langley family lawyer that can help you file and obtain a legal restraining order. Your rights entitle you to be protected from harm and that includes protection from individuals who you do not want to be approached by under any circumstances.

Spousal and Child Support

Stephen G. Price has an abundance of knowledge surrounding family law and can ensure that the process of determining spousal and/or child support is completed to the full extent of legal requirements. Stephen clearly explains the process to all parties involved to ensure the parties are fully aware of and understand the implications of the agreement. Spousal support can help your family avoid undue economic hardship as a result of separation or divorce. Each situation is unique and Stephen works to ensure your family can successfully embrace a new future. Child support is a fundamental, legal right of every child. Stephen G. Price can help you determine the type of child support program that is right for your family and help create a stable financial future for your child.

Separation agreements

Legal separation of a married couple before the process of divorce requires legal documentation of the separation agreement. Preceding the divorce process, the separation agreement gives parties legal protection and can be completed by Stephen G. Price, your Surrey family lawyer.

Looking for a specialist of family law in Surrey or Langley? Stephen G. Price is the attorney you want for legal support during this sensitive time for your family members. Contact us online or call today at (604) 530-2191 for a free consultation.

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