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Halloween is always fun because this time of year always means time with the family. Sometimes life can get complicated and family can mean different things to different people. When life gets complicated, you want to make sure that the things you value most are not taken away. Halloween may seem like just another day to some people but it may mean quality time with your kids. When you’re in need of a family lawyer in Langley, you need someone experienced and empathetic to your situation. While your relationship with your spouse may have become strained, there are legal actions that can be made to ensure that you don’t lose what you value most. Whether you’re seeking legal services related to divorce, separation, custody, asset division, or, more importantly, a restraining order, contact Stephen G. Price Law Corporation to ensure that your rights are being protected. We bring over 30 years of experience to our family services.

We understand that any issues concerning your family should be treated with a high level of empathy, professionalism, and attention to detail. After three decades of working with families, Stephen G. Price is a Langley family lawyer dedicated to facilitating thoughtful discussions between all parties involved. If you feel that separation or divorce is necessary at this stage of your marriage, we can educate you on what legal services are needed for the process and what rights you have moving forward. Stephen G. Price Law Corporation offers family services including custody disputes, access disputes, asset division, property division, debt division, restraining orders, spousal and child support, and separation agreements.

Whether for the sake of your children or for your own, contact Stephen G. Price Law Corporation when you’re in need of a family lawyer in Langley.