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Protecting Your Rights As A Firearms Owner

Many firearms owners are unfairly charged for unsafe storage, transportation, or use of a firearm. Protect yourself if you have are facing these charges by working with Stephen G. Price, Surrey’s criminal defence lawyer. You deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to owning firearms – this means knowing your rights and having us defend them for you.

Stephen G. Price has handled firearms cases where gun owners have had their guns seized and firearm licences suspended. As a firearms owner, you may find yourself in the situation of being unfairly charged with a criminal offence, having a public safety complaint against you, or even having your home searched and property seized. Stephen G. Price will fight to have your licence reinstated and your property returned in a timely manner. As a criminal defence lawyer, Stephen G. Price can help you avoid firearms offence convictions.

Firearms offences fall under the category of weapons offences. Depending on the circumstances, weapons offence can range from “less serious” such as unsafe storage of a firearm, to more serious charges that can be related to assault or drug trafficking. These warrant more severe penalties. In any case, you will require legal assistance from an experienced criminal lawyer.

Firearms Offences

The Criminal Code of Canada contains more that 70 sections relating to weapons and firearms. It is in your best interest to have experienced counsel fighting for your rights as a firearms owner. The most common weapon and firearms charges in Canada include:

Possession of Dangerous Weapons – According to the criminal code, it is illegal to possess a weapon for a purpose that is unsafe to the public peace

Usage of Weapon – It is an offence to use a weapon, including pointing the weapon towards a person, even if the weapon is legally possessed with a licence

Concealed Carry – The law prohibits carrying a concealed weapon in any manner, unless you are authorized to carry it under the Firearms act

Possession of Illegal Weapons – There is a list of weapons that have been deemed illegal in the Criminal Code. If you are in possession of any of those on the list, you may be faced with criminal charges.

Defences Against Firearm Offences

There are several defences that may be applicable to your case, depending on the exact facts:

Self Defence – There are some situations where a person may have used a weapon against an attacker in an attempt to protect themselves from harm.

Intoxication – Intoxication of the accused person at the time of the offence may affect the court’s ability to confirm “intent”.

Illegal Search – It is possible that the evidence used against the accused in court was obtained under an illegal search without a warrant. As a Canadian citizen, you have a certain amount of protection from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


If you or someone you know has been charged with a firearm or weapon-related offence, the first thing you should do is get in contact with Stephen G. Price Law Corporation. You are always innocent until proven guilty and Stephen G. Price, your Langley defence lawyer, goes to great lengths to defend you as a client. We will work by your side to navigate through the complexity of the legal system and to get your charges dropped.

Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Surrey or Langley? Stephen G. Price is the attorney you want for legal support regarding firearms offences. Contact us online or call today at (604) 530-2191 for a free consultation.

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