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The kids are back to school and you’re back to a weekly grind. With darker days and rainier weather, it seems that the commutes have gotten longer and more treacherous. Whether you’re braving the highways commuting back and forth from downtown or just driving through the neighbourhood to pick up your kids, accidents happen. If you’ve unfortunately suffered through an accident and have sustained physical, emotional, or financial distress, it’s important to know your rights when it comes to personal injury claims in Langley.

It is scary when you’ve suffered through an accident while driving or on a motorcycle. It’s even scarier if you’ve suffered an accident while on a bike. In all three cases, you may be suffering from emotional, financial, or physical distress that can take a toll to your quality of life. Stephen G. Price ensures that you receive complete justice for soft tissue pain, neurological injuries, and any future financial and emotional setbacks caused from lingering issues. If you’re not at fault, your ICBC claim will go towards the “at-fault” driver’s insurance policy; however, you may be entitled to compensations for the injuries you have sustained. Stephen G. Price brings over 30 years of experience as a personal injury claims lawyer in Langley. Allow Stephen G. Price Law Corporation to fight for you and educate you on your rights.

Similarly, if you’ve been in an accident at work or on public or private property, you’re not automatically entitled to compensation. You may have become injured if you have slipped and fallen due to hazardous conditions or, worse, negligence. Commonly, people hurt themselves on ice or snow, slippery floors, uneven ground, unmarked steps, and poor lighting. Visit Stephen G. Price for your personal injury claims in Langley and learn your rights.

Stephen G. Price has spent decades serving Langley as a personal injury claims lawyer. Schedule an appointment and learn how Stephen G. Price Law Corporation can prove causation and legal liability when you have been injured. Call today and let Stephen G. Price fight for you.