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You may have heard this before but winter is coming…in fact, it’s already here! How did you survive the snow storms? Commuting from Langley into downtown Vancouver was horrific. From the gridlock to the treacherous highways, this time of year and this type of weather should remind us to be careful and safe no matter where we are. This can mean driving in your car, walking down the sidewalk, or even Christmas shopping in the mall. Especially now, crazed shoppers will be flooding the malls to get their last minute holiday shopping in. As they stream through, they bring with them all the slush, snow, and water with them. It’s unfortunate to say but this time of year personal injuries are all too common. If you’ve suffered a fall or another injury on a property other than your own through no fault of your own, it may be wise to investigate whether your injury is a product of negligence. Stephen G. Price has been a personal injury lawyer in Langley for over 30 years.

We want you to be informed. Depending on your injury, The amount of physical, emotional, or financial damage an injured person incurs depends on the injury and the person. It’s wrong to make assumptions about whether a person or business is legally responsible for what you’ve gone through. First and foremost, make sure tend to the needs of you and your loved ones to ensure your recovery. With 30 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer in Langley, Stephen G. Price knows the hardships that victims and their families injury.

Contact Stephen G. Price for information about your legal rights if you have sustained a personal injury on a property other than your own.