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We all know that relationships take work. Things can get complicated as people grow apart or situations change. Legal separation can apply to both common-law and married couples when their relationship “breaks down”. Separation keeps married couples legally married. Stephen G. Price will facilitate legal separation. It’s important to have a separation agreement because it protects those involved. Stephen G. Price brings over 30 years of experience dealing with legal separation in Langley.

There are very personal reasons why couples seek separation but it’s important to keep any children in mind when proceeding. While emotions may run high, hostility towards one another sets dangerous examples for children. As much as it may seem impossible, it’s best to use problem-solving tools like conversation versus yelling, negotiating versus stonewalling, and honesty versus dishonesty. Separations can be complicated if you or your partner suffer from mental illness, lack adequate communication skills, suffer from addiction issues, suffer from exhaustion, lack proper nutrition, have anxiety issues, have low emotional intelligence levels, or are concurrently going through another life crises. All these factors become multiplied when a child must also deal with them and attempt to process your separation. It’s important that when you seek legal separation in Langley, you understand the resources available to you to help you and, more importantly, your child.

Beyond the legal expertise of Stephen G. Price, it’s important to reach out to friends, marriage councilors, family, or religious leaders. The sooner you’re able to communicate openly and effectively with your partner, the better for you and your child. It’s important to focus on children by giving them extra eye contact and affection to let them know that your relationship with them remains strong. You may also want to enroll in a separation support group. Calm, nonviolent communication is important even if you are the only one able to achieve this. If you have a child, you will always have a relationship with your partner if he or she remains in your child’s life. Making peace with your partner is difficult in the short-term but the quicker you’re able to do this, the easier it will be for both you and your child to adjust. While emotions may be raw soon after a separation, it’s important to vent your frustration and sadness to an adult who can support you rather than your child.

Stephen G. Price brings 30 years of compassionate service with dealing with legal separation in Langley. Contact us today if you feel that legal separation is the next course of action for you and your partner.