Stephen G. Price has over 30 years of experience and is proud to offer a wide variety of legal services. He has served the lower mainland since 1984 and has since gained a reputation for excellence and expertise. Stephen G. Price is a lawyer who believes it’s important for you to understand your rights. Stephen brings professionalism and positivity to every case. Whether you need assistance in family law, personal injury, or criminal defence, Stephen G. Price will provide the support you need. At the law office of Stephen G. Price, we work for you. Stephen and his team provide legal support to anyone who needs it. We are proud to serve the entire Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

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Certified Public Accountant Ormond Beach

Every business, regardless of size, needs a financial advisor to help with their financial planning and achievement of their goals. CPAs have the training and experience required to advise you on a variety of accounting and tax matters. Working with a certified public accountant Ormond Beach is more than just ensuring your taxes are filed correctly; it’s about ensuring that your decisions are backed by certainty and actionable intelligence.

The management and staff of LeFils & Company, LLC, knows that there are several companies in the Ormond Beach area to choose from to handle your records and books. For that, we’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting the services that our customers truly need. Why do businesses and families throughout Ormond Beach trust LeFils & Company, LLC, with their public accounting? 

We are Tax Experts

No business owner or family wants to pay more in taxes than they need to. At LeFils & Company, LLC, we stay current with all the local, state, and federal tax regulations, and we can prepare the perfect tax return for any condition. We can provide tax planning strategies to help you keep tax liabilities low, and also have the expertise to resolve tax issues like late or unfiled returns, or settlement of IRS debt. We are also fully licensed to represent you and make claims on your behalf during the IRS audit proceeding. 

Financial Strategies Developed for Your Business

LeFils & Company, LLC has years of experience in different industries, but our clients always get the best solution tailored to their needs. Our CPAs take the time to develop a thorough understanding of clients and their businesses. 

We work to identify parts of your business that can be fortified with great financial advice. And with that, we come up with a strategy and actionable plan that is conceived towards increasing your financial success.

Grow your Business 

Whether you have a small business or big company, LeFils & Company, LLC is here to take you and your company to the next success level. We don’t just go the extra mile to ensure we give our clients the best financial service; we also try to be proactive with all areas of the service we offer. We speak to our clients in clear language to eliminate confusion and help grow your business. 


At LeFils & Company, LLC, we believe in creating long term relationships with all our clients. The moment you step into our office, you’ll be treated like you are one of ours. And it’ll be done with the utmost respect and priority. We know each client is different, so we make it our priority to get to know you and your business before creating a financial plan that is best for your business. 

Get Started 

If you are looking for the best certified public accountant Ormond Beach, contact us today to set up an appointment. Our certified public accountants will go over your needs and set you on your way to realizing them.

Certified Public Accountant Ormond Beach
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Family Law
Family law is the area of law that relates to family relationships, marriage, and divorce. Requiring family law advice can be particularly stressful and emotional. A lawyer specializing in family law will help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities. Family Law lawyers can provide you with legal assistance you need in matters relating to divorce, separation, child support, child custody,guardianship and other issues. The lawyers at Stephen G. Price Law Corporation treat all family law cases with a high level of professionalism, respect, and consideration. If you are facing a family law matter and need assistance, Stephen G. Price can provide you with legal support.
Personal Injury
Personal Injury law is the area of law that relates to injuries that cause physical, emotional, or financial damage, in which another person or entity can be held legally responsible. A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal representation to those who have been injured. Personal injuries can be stressful and traumatic. They can result in lost wages, medical costs, and even psychological trauma. It’s difficult to navigate through insurance policies and guarantee you’re being treated fairly. That’s why it’s important to contact an experienced and committed personal injury lawyer to help you through the legal process and ensure you’ve been awarded everything you’re entitled. Stephen G. Price is a Langley personal injury lawyer that is committed to improving the lives of those who’ve been personally injured. If you have been personally injured, the law offices of Stephen G. Price will advocate on your behalf.
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